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Thread: How much free will do i really have?

  1. #1 How much free will do i really have? 
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    I'm currently reading a book right now called 'Incognito' which focuses on the unconcious mind and the effects of that on our reality.
    I read today about:
    how our brains are hardwired to find women with big lips, small waists and a full buttock to be attractive as this reflects their fertility and health.
    How we have 'implicit egotism' whereby we find simularities of ourselves in other people attractive because we unconciously love ourselves or find this comforting.
    How we prefer dissimilar MHC's (Major histocompatibility) genes because this leads to a mix up of genes which keeps genetic defects to a minimum and leads to a healthy interplay of genes know nas hybrid vigor.
    How we find people more attractive if they share the same first letter of their name as us. For example, Dan and daisy might like each other more because they have the same first letter in their names.

    All these factors that contribute to who we may spend the rest of our lives with are preordained by our unconcious mind. I'm sure the concious mind does have a role in deciding who they want to be with but how much so? And how do we know that thats not just a result of the particular circuitry of the brain?

    It does say: common sense tells us that their ardor grows from any number of seeds including life circumstances, a sense of undestanding, sexual attraction and mutual admiration. But what one is stronger than the other?

    Please note when you respond to this I'm 16 so sorry if i got anything wrong or misunderstand.

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    I think that is true. I've read about that MHC, the big lips, and the small foot size thingy in science news too.

    But about the free-will...

    I think people can use words to convince you otherwise, (to make you think those feature are ugly). What people says (and what you believe in) will effect how you view the world. For example: I could say "pretty people are dumb", and if you believe it then you'll immediately hate pretty people, (but that sterotype is not true).

    Words are from outside your brain but it can effect how you value things. It depends on whether you believe in those things or not. eg: would you trust stereotype, racist and/or a praise or derogatory comment? surely it will effect how you treat people.

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    I find "implicit egotism" interesting. It definitely sounds viable but has reminded me of another theory that I have read.

    I cannot remember whose theory this is and can only vaguely recall it, so if I have misinterpreted anything, please let me know. Something tells me it's Nietzsche but I'm not sure.
    Basically, it was suggested that we find people with opposing traits attractive because they "balance" traits within ourselves, to produce genetically superior offspring. For instance, if someone had a big, pointy nose, they would find someone with a small, button-nose attractive.

    There is also the idea of physically attractive women, as a result of fertility in health, which you mention. I think that while this is somewhat driven by biological roots from within our unconscious, there can also be social reasons. For example; breasts (because, well, all heterosexual males love breasts). In the society that most of us are familiar with, large breasts are considered to be very attractive. However, in some parts of the world, like parts of Africa, small and wide-set breasts are considered to be perfection. In fact, many African tribes think that Western civilisation's obsession with breasts is hilarious and "childish"!
    Maybe it's sociological? Then again, maybe there is a biological reason.
    Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted. Albert Einstein
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mynameistessa View Post
    How much free will do i really have?
    None that i know of.!!!
    Go here an play the "Guess Game".!!!

    When the curent game is guessed... post anuther photo for us to... "Guess what this is" :-)
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