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Thread: A generally ignored indictment of American 'culture'.

  1. #1 A generally ignored indictment of American 'culture'. 
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    Q. What is the fastest growing violent crime - the #1 domestic problem - in the United States?

    A. The physical abuse, including rape, of women and children, by adult males.

    The majority of persons polled on this question, do not know the answer. Meanwhile: no real problem can be resolved when it is not recognized or when its importance is popularly diminished, ignored or ridiculed (riddled with ritalin by anonymously wise cracking, medicated quacks).

    What may be the causes of this abomination?

    What actions might be carried out to alleviate this national disgrace?

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    I would have to say it has to do with ego issues. It seems to me that the culture of the United States does not promote healthy and free lifestyles. This country is suposed to be free yet everyone is so effected by influence and people are afraid to change their personality. As this continues the life style becomes more and more unhealthy untill the person commiting the crime has no control over them selves. Ask yourself : would you ever consiously do these things.

    The reason for males doing this is less clear but it may have something to do with the mother-child connection. A mother would never (I hope) hurt their child. Of course it would often be dificult for the child to hurt the parents. Males tend to get a violent nature (maybe due to hormones) that left uncontroled (as i explained before) may lead to bad things.

    I think TV is a very bad influence on people. The culture's idea about what is "cool" or "hip". Our culture is very violent for some reason. I would have to think more to come up with a solution.

    Oh ya, and drug abuse is very bad these days. Medical and illegal. I think this contributes to a lack of conciousness.

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