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    I did this tiny experiment on myself.. and I wanted someone to explain the results
    I tried to solve several tough math problems under different conditions
    A. I played Mozart and put the headphones on. I could solve a lot of those problems and proceeded in very logical way. Each and every step of the problem was well constructed and I knew what I was doing. Most importantly I felt energized and enthusiastic
    B. I played rock and metal, solved tough math problems again. I noticed I was irritated and restless. I felt the need to find a quicker way of solving and didn't like proceeding step by step or logically. Since all the questions were multiple choice questions, I started manipulating and found easier ways to solve based on previous knowledge and experience.

    I know that this has a lot of discrepancies but I irritation and ' out of the box' ideas were very prevalent in rock and metal.

    someone please explain this to me

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