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    I've been looking into Synesthesia, very interesting subject in which people overlap their senses...Seeing words in different colors, numbers in colors etc.....Is it possible to train yourself to associate sensory perceptions in a way similar to synesthesia through conditioning and coordination?

    What would happen if you were to imagine colors as numbers, and keep the colors consistent over time. Would you begin to start more rapidly associating the numbers with the color?

    How about words? if a word is put in a specific color; will the word "pop out" more in other places with enough color conditioning?

    I'm interested in whether or not color association may be an effective method of enhancing my memory...if colors and numbers are associated together; would it be applicable to mathmatics or remembering large numbers / important information?

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    I remember a documentary which suggested it could be trained to a small extent. However, i doubt it's the same phenomenon which synaesthesists experience. It's thought all babies ara synaesthesic but as the brain develops the neural connections between, say, language and colour wither away, making for separate abilities. This is thought to be necessary to able to quickly identify external stimuli without getting a wasp confused for a buzzing sum.

    It would be cool if you could learn it. Any luck so far?

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    Yeah, I tend to agree that it's unlikely. One is a physiological phenomenon where you can't help experiencing the world that way. The other is seeing the world without these uniquenesses, and then lying to yourself and pretending they're actually there when they are not.
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