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Thread: any advice on cutting claws

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    I have a border collie who is 20months and she hates people touching her feet her nails are growing so quickly and she wont let anyone cut them its abit of a pain as she loves nothing better than to stick her paw in your face and with sharp claws this is not good.

    Has anyone got any advice ( we've tried giving her something to calm her down this still doesn't work)

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    If you're not willing to go to a vet or groomer to have it done you'll have to learn to do the holds. You get on the ground sitting with the dog in front of you and to the right, then with your right arm do a sort of headlock around the dogs neck and put your shoulder up against the back of its head. Be sure not to choke the animal, and this hold should make it impossible for the dog to bite you. Then you'll need to have someone else to trim the nails.

    It helps to place the dog into a corner as well so that it can't back away.

    You'll want to have your arm a bit more rigid than in that picture though, because that dog isn't struggling.

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