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Thread: Mood control - Testosterone and Estorgen regulation

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    You may decide you want to be aggressive when you need to be, and your fear triggers will make you shake with adrenaline too when the body senses a need for running away. Never run from your problems, face them.

    A better way to control yourself will be to exert force in a controlled way, contorleed explosions and controlled submission. If you are afraid then say yes to reacting. If you are wrong say yes to submitting. You decide whether you are wrong or right at any given time, so, if you are wrong and feel wrong you should activate your Estrogen as you submit to the opinions of others. You may regulate Estrogen by controlling your mood and making it listen. Fear will keep you from listening, so, trust the person speaking as if they were wonrg and you need to explain it to them like a child of yours - is it your problem or not? Do you have incentive to listen, and if not, why not? Submission is feminine and therefor is sociatal and accepted. The only way to learn or listen is to submit to the message being broadcast, yes? Accept that you could be wrong, accept that there is a scientific law governing anything you say, as soon as you look for evidence you submi to the evidence and release Estrogen into you brain and body, making your nervous system - the pulse you have - make your senses listen more and say yes to what is going on and the reasons for it. Fear will remove Estrogen from you and then you will resist and get stressed. This is where you do not need to perform, it is passive or does not make you react.

    Testosterone control is when you need to perform. This is where your body thinks it needs to react. Thi is saying yes mentally to the task and not submitting to others. This is essential in warfare and sports as it is reactive leading to a response from yourself to the thing or task that you focus on. If you need to deliver a speach, activate your testosterone by 'running for it', envision yourself on a thin granite beam running to complete the task, and view someone else or something else on the other side trying to stop you or beat you to the goal, this will activate your testosterone to compete and fight for survival. The body is such a primitive thing we can easily control it with conscious impulses onto a primal operating system, being the nervous system, by figments of your imagination being focred onto it.

    If you can embarass yourself thinking that you are wearing a wrong style to a night club, then you can do this too. Run for it!

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