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    We can all be happier if we get into the groove of positive energy. Positive enrgy is where we say why not, where we say yes, where we deisre the thanks and love of another more than our own time for ourselves. This is reactive, but as the business world would term it - proactive; starting something new, excitment at the thought of fidning out how we would do at the things we always wanted to do. Just do it! Yeah yeah yeah!

    Now, if we say yes we are taking the path of least resistance, and resistance causes stress, and stress makes us unhappy less confident and more negative. Think for yourselves, is yes accepting things and cooperating with them a problem for you? It isn't a problem if you say yes to someone else or something else! If you say no it is a double negative, if you say yes you are creating a positive reaction between the two of you, forming a stronger bond, more trust... need I go on?

    If your teacher tells you to learn something say yes! The more yuo do now for someone else the more they will trust you and your subconsiouc will pick it up through tones and body language, leading to a better relationship between the two of you. It is usually all social, but saying yes to something that reuiqres something of you is good too, likea duty nobody wants to do that you say yes to. If you try to avoid it it will choose someone else saynig no, and that negative energy will wash over everyone that says no in unison. If your boss needs someone to do a boring duty, say yes yourself. If you think of it as a cross to bear you will feel proud, yes? Run for it - race for it. Indulge your imagination in boastful ideas about it, make it a sacrifice of yourself to the work, think if you do this then the boss will liek you more.

    Greet. This is an invitation from you to someone else. Giving out invitations from yourself is 'rolling the dice'. Get used to a lot of responses. If you get used to greeting peolpe that you don't need to then you will get used to rolling the dice,working your way up to being the first person on the dance floor, being the first one to take the bull by the horns, being the first broker to try a new stock type, being the first one to offer a seat to someone else that needs one, being the first to back someone up in a debate. Being the first one is the route to happiness, and being the second, third and so forth is the way to express yourself and help those you agree with, or,t hat need help. Say yes, run for it!

    The more oyu say yes, the more you open your mind to opinions of others as being important, the more you consider yourself last due to letting others choose first - offering them options - the more positive you will feel. The more positive you feel the happier and more confident you will be.

    Negativity comes from saying no, putting yourself first and fear. These are survivial ideals for people to fight for survival in a primitive world. Are you some fearful person that denies others the right to speak? Interrupting someone is putting yourself first, unless you are guiding them, which is good because they will hear an idea from you, a suggestion, hope - really positive.

    Just do it! Say yes! Try! PLan for the worst, the governemt does! Fear is antisocietal an breaks down positive energy.

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