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    I know this is a totally wrong place to post this topic, but what do you think of this?


    "I have a dream" is the words that even Martin Luther King spoke during his time.
    and those words are also the same that I am going to say to you.

    I believe, that every human not depending on their age, gender, color of skin or
    other inner/outer difference are granted to be equal, because aside all that
    we all are just humans;
    humans who can be proud of their individuality, since in the end, that is the
    greates of our strengh - a thing that makes as a person but also a member of a
    community, unique and important.

    We live in society, that orders as to test our boundaries;
    society, that defines ones wealth by his/hers succes in life...
    But that is not the World, that I would like to give to my childs as a heritage.

    The World I believe our future to be, is a World where even the most
    poorest of our comrades can make a difference - World where a person can be succesful
    as him/herself, without the forcing urge to reach for perfectionism.
    It is also the World, where every single being can live as equal, without having
    to suffer from prejudices that is dividing ourselves or to face hatred based on
    our differing nature - The One and shared World of as, the humans.

    But this is a goal, that asks for huges sacrifications; a goal that in its inner optimism
    might sound so impossible to carry out - but it is also a goal, that we can reach
    if we awake to affect before it is too late...

    Yes, I have to commit, together we are strong and together we shall get our voices
    to be heard out loud.

    But even if there is nobody to stand up and protect commonwealth, it is still
    enough if even a single person dares to do so; dares to rise from the grey mass
    surrounding and tell that things could be better, and we are the once to affect them.
    Because even a single soul is enough to make the wheels of creation to turn...

    But in the deepest parts of my thoughs, I eagerly hope that we wouldn't need to start
    building from the fragments of old... I hope we could start from shared basis,
    together as community, together as individuéls and most of all together as humans.

    And when the time will finally pass as by, I hope that we could look this World,
    with warm in our hearts, from somewhere that vast universe and say:
    "This is the fruits of our labor, in here can we see the markings of our time"

    As said before, the time to make a change has come; time to defend our rights,
    our homes and especially our shared dreams, and that time has come now!!!

    Together as individuéls for the name of equality, commonwealth and the future of
    our children.


    Machina multa minax minitatur maxima muris

    Carminis Iliaci libros consumpsit asellus. O Fatum Troiae! Aut ecus aut asinus!

    Vita regit Fortuna, non sapientia!
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    Beautiful. Correct. If only....

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    Turn left at the second light, three houses down on the right. You can't miss it.
    I'm sorry and I hate to be so blunt, but what a bunch of horse-hockey.
    Sounds like a bad speech on the square in the Saint Petersburg Republic.

    People aren't equal.
    Everybody has prejudices.
    Cogito, ergo doleo.

    There's a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased this line.
    Oscar Levant
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    Talking about retorics, here's a usefull trick: try to bring up some arguments which the audience doesn't immediately agree with, something that's open for debate. Then convince them of these arguments. In this way the message of the speech really sticks into the audience's mind, because they feel like they've heard something new.

    From CaveatLector's post you can see that not everyone agrees with your speech (I don't know whether to agree or not, because I don't know what you mean with 'equality'), but in general I didn't feel like I heard something new in your speech.
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    "what do you think of this?"

    Its long and too general IMO.
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