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    I'm not sure exactly what causes a consumer to impulse buy items they don't really need, but for sure this beviour fuels retailing. I am posting this to try and help curb my own addiction for classical music cd's in particular. Looking at Amazon sites I notice many others appear to have this addiction, with some people claiming to have bought up to 16 copies of the same piece by different artists.
    The same is true for whatever consumer item you care to mention, including food which fuels the obesity epidemic. I can only see this problem getting worse in society as a whole, as the amount of consumer goods increases. There are obviously measures you can take to curb your own spending such as keeping to a strict budget, cooling off before you buy, taking no notice of packaging, and simply keeping away from shops.

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    Crowd Psycology This link is very suited for the topic.

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    Ox, it sounds like your impulse buying is very personal and independent of marketing. You're not exactly bombarded by classical music CD marketing or peer pressure. But perhaps you have a raw need to buy something and have learned to focus that on CDs in particular, as they satiate without sinking you.

    Incidentally I read a theory that Starbucks owes its initial success to impulse buying in the wake of (newfangled) CD craze, when the economy took a dive. People who had previously "treated" themselves to a CD found this habit no longer affordable... but they could excuse spending $3 for a coffee product (outrageously overpriced at the time). Starbucks basically hit the magic number of what impulse buyers desired to spend.

    What works for me, because I own a business, is I buy "toys" that are 100% tax deductible. The feeling I get from browsing tool catalogues is no different from 8-year-old Pong a month before Christmas.

    So perhaps you could replace your CD habit with something else?
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