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Thread: Television news media grouping of stories

  1. #1 Television news media grouping of stories 
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    I'm just curious what every-ones take is on how the news media groups stories together. They will have two car crash stories, one after the other. Two fires, two murders, two shootings, two child molesters, two of whatever.

    So why is it they insist on doing all the stories in two's? It's not just one news station either, it appears to be pretty much all of them. I have to wonder if it's just a US thing.

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    I noticed the same trend last night. It was in relationship to the recent "Justin, the child porn star" case that was in the news. The stories adjacent to this were in relationship to online predators, a recent sting that took down an unrelated local pedophile, and a recent law that will affect a communities response to sexual offenders and whether they can live in the community. There was also a story of a man who "ran out of the womens bathroom" as a mom took her daughter in. Could have been a predator... could have been a guy in the wrong john.

    I couldn't accurately vote in the poll, however, untill I observe more news stories. Though it would seem to the be a "marketing" concept similar to Amazon's "other people who bought this item also bought...."

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    Definitely happens here in Guatemala also, "yellow press" I think it's called.

    For example, there's 5 killed people in the news, even if they are isolated cases media puts them together as one single story. They even come up with some (false) hypothesis about the murders being related - nothing conclusive but suggestive, of course -

    This situation definitely affects people's perception of their own city, and makes them feel more insecure about going out, staying home, driving around... total paranoia, massive paranoia which is worse. People become more manipulable by some opposition political groups, which desperately seek to gain power... which leads us to think that they have something to do with manipulating media, specially when elections are near.

    But I guess, this just happens here in my beloved country.
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    Well, the do it most of the time in NOVA, but the other day they didn't for some reason. They did something on a single fire and then went to soemthing else. It was only the second time I have seen it happen. The first was when a house in the area exploded. I think it might be because there were no other explosion stories to tell then though. Not sure about the fire because there was one three days before, they could have at least talked about how everything is going with it.
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    i don't notice if they group news stories, it would make sense to group them though.

    but i do notice that 3 of 5 news programs on prime time viewing all have the propensity to share or repeat stories. you see one story and then when you flip to another you may see the same story, exact same report almost word for word with the exact same footage.

    now thats silly.
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    Well, it makes sense, don't it? Why have a car crash at the start, then some international, then some domestic, then another car crash? :?
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