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    I'm finishing to read a great book oh Eric Kandel "In Search of Memory" and I'm impressed for the idea, scientific prooved, that traumas lived in our childhood can be solved by using the pshycoanalisys and other forms of psychotherapy because these tools actually can introduce changements at a neurolgical level...

    If you reach with analisys the point of your life where it happened something wrong which is actually what it is stucking you to the freedom of you thinking, of your life in general, well you can solve it by modifying your neurological roots and by introducing different patterns that will make improvements in your activities...

    But my questions actually come form an other type of reading... which happened some months ago... of some book that talk about NLP... in particular my attention was and is to the possibility the the founders (Grinder and Bandler) descovered to solve quickly and sometimes instantly also seriuos problem by using NLP which is a tecnique the the two authors created...

    I hoper that everyone knows this system which is based on the studies of threatment of many many patients with also great and serious kind of mental problems... They paid very attention to the foundamental aspects of the typical threatments and to the parts of these that were really effective... and by replicating these parts they had the possibility understand that it was not important to do all the long and sometimes uneffectives threatment of psycoanalisys... instead we can use only few aspects of these to obtain great and stable results...

    My question then is: Do you think that NLP has this kind of great effectiveness so that you can solve in a short time some problems when classical threatment of psycoanalisys need many years? Do you think that NLP can actually modify the root of our neuro-circuits so that it is itself a great tecnique because it goes directely to the goal of the problem... our brain? or do you agree with those who think (may be because they lose their job) that this kind of interaction actually do not solve the problems... instead the move them in an other place... in other parts of the brain?

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