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    Is there such a thing as a factor of intelligence for collecting trivial facts? My wife seems to have something like this. Everytime I learn something interesting and I tell her about it, she replies "Yeah, I knew that". I tried testing her a while back to see if she was just saying that to seem smarter than me: I made up some crap as if it were fact and told her about it. She passed the test - she admitted not knowing about it. So I think there must be some factor of intelligence for picking up on mundane facts. Is there?

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    She may have a lifestyle that exposes her to more facts.


    Given equal environment, perhaps your wife has better conscious recall, while you better absorb information. Aloof vs. immersed. Knowledge vs. skill. A neat illustration of the difference is in watching adults struggle to teach children how to tie shoelaces. The adults have the skill so down, they don't consciously know how it's done.

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