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Thread: Cars pulling out in front of you

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    Has anyone else noticed that when somebody pulls out in front of you in their car, forcing you to hit your brakes to avoid crashing into their rear end, they almost always turn off immediately, generally within a few hundred yards? What do you suppose is their reasoning? Obviously, it is equally dangerous if you are going 100 yards down the road, or preparing to travel 100 miles on the same stretch of road.

    I think it must have something to do with the perceived sense of proportion. It just seems unreasonable to wait a minute to pull out onto a road on which you will only be traveling a few seconds. Whereas, if you are planning to go miles on the same stretch of road, you are mentally prepared for a long journey; thus a wait of 1 minute to get onto the road does not seem so excessive.

    It is a bit like the rationale behind the 10 items or less grocery store checkout line. A person with a full cart of groceries is equally inconvenienced by a long checkout line as the 10 item shopper. Yet, the 10 item shopper is granted preference because, I suppose, she is not presumed or expected to be as mentally prepared for the wait.

    The other factor could be that the driver knows he is turning off right away, and will not have long to be subjected to the glares and curses of the driver he has just cut off.

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    What I don't understand is the guy that just has to pull out in front of me when there's no one behind me. I can understand if there's a long line behind me, but why must they pull out when I'm the only one on the road...? It's nuts.

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    They want to get out the way, they believe that the quicker they get out of your way having cut you up it won't matter. Also they think that the distance is so small, cutting you up will seem small, at least thats what I think :?

    It is nuts william, drivers out there are crazy. I believe that their minds are too alpha waved, too mellow and chilled out. They need to be attentive, all the time. I've made about 10 potentially really dangerous mistakes when driving (I've only been driving a year), yet the scale I see it daily is unbaerable. Here is what racks me off:

    Vehicles bullying you from a two lane to a one lane - pushing in.
    People with their indicators on when they shouldnt be on.
    Roundabout run ons - Not giving way
    Cut you ups

    My god these happen all the time I kid you not, this is seriously dangerous. I believe in 2015 the governemnts should RE TEST everyone with intense scrutiny, if they so much are caught speeding, or doing several of the above incidents more often than is the statistical tested probability then they should have their license removed and re tested TWICE.

    Its danergious driving. If we can't drive on the road god help when flying cars are invented, all kinds of metal falling from the sky, fusion cells leaking, blimey it will be long island all over again.

    There I vented out my drivers aggression there with the Stalin-ized driving rules
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    Quote Originally Posted by Harold14370
    Has anyone else noticed that when somebody pulls out in front of you in their car, forcing you to hit your brakes to avoid crashing into their rear end, they almost always turn off immediately, generally within a few hundred yards?
    Yeah, actually. I have noticed that. Pretty regularly, in fact. However, I generally think they're turning off quickly ahead in an attempt to try avoiding the hail of bullets being fired upon them from out my window. They know their chance of being seriously wounded, maimed, or killed rises with each passing second they remain in front of me.

    Oh... ermmm... wait... probably shouldn't have admitted to shooting at them openly here on the forum. 8)

    Kidding aside, Harold... The mistake you are making here is trying to find a rational explanation for their behavior. It has less to do with reason and more to do with selfishness, ignorance, and a sense of entitlement among members of our population which couples with a need for instant gratification and a lack of overall patience to create the behavior you describe.
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