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Thread: exercises for the imagination

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    Anyone got any recipes for this?

    Are there any techiques which could specifically train the mind in this direction-or is it simply a case of living a full and an active intellectual, emotional etc etc life and trusting that your own mind will see to the rest?

    For example might it pay to take the odd mind altering drug or concoction from time to time?

    Or if you put youself in a risky situation that you had to extricate yourself from at all costs (a bit like Tiger Woods) would that be a good training mechanism for the imagination?

    And if there were such methods that were proven to work can anyone say what benefits there might be (and how they could be shown to have worked)?

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    1: Neuro Linguistic Programming.

    2: Stimulation and exposure to certain memes.

    3: Mind Explosions (imagine say a guitar and write down everything that comes to mind, and then write down everything from that... etc etc.

    4: Read Special Relativity.

    5: Create the goal to be a billionaire, go through all the steps to get there.


    -Improved quick wit.
    -Developed mental capacity.
    -Understanding of inter-related topics.
    -Better conversation.
    -Development of conversational bridging technique.

    Here is a good idea, think of the benefits yourself, that will get the imagination going! Watch Countdown, oh, theres a million things coming to mind, don't start me off...

    "If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe". - Carl Sagan
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