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Thread: Can we watch sleeping people at Tv for hours?

  1. #1 Can we watch sleeping people at Tv for hours? 
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    Hello all,
    Assume that we're living in a different world.They invented tv 100 years ago but they didn't make tv shows,they made reality show like truman show.They even record truman while he's sleeping.

    My point isn't a truman show here,I want to argue about "watching sleeping people" or weird situation like this.For example,watching a tv while it's off.If we grown up with people like watching a tv while it's off,can we like it?Or make it complicated.We grown up with people like watching a tv while it's off,and we realize other good things like books,movies etc,can we still love watching a tv while it's off.By the way,I mean "watch them for whole life;watch tv while it's off for whole life"

    First part of question: Assume that everybody is watching truman while he's sleeping and they look like they have fun while watching him sleeping.We grown up with that enviroment.Our family,friends,all people are all fan of watching a sleeping people.Are we gonna enjoy that because of enviroment?
    For example,I came to home at 20.00.And I want to watch tv,I opened truman show and he's sleeping and I start to watch him sleeping for 4 hours.Then I go to bed.Next day same thing.Am I(or other people) gonna enjoy watching sleeping people because of enviroment?Or May I(or other people) stop watching tv or doing another thing?

    Second part of question;add real world to that problem.We can see that people is dealing with a lot of books,movies,albums,games.A person who wants to make album means there's a life other than watching sleeping people.Do people like watching a sleeping people while there's things like movies,albums etc;?Even they grown up with weird enviroment.Because if we "love" watching sleeping people for hours,if we're real happy,if we got seratonin for these;Then we don't like other things movies,albums etc?Is it true or?

    And thirdly..Our assumptions are true or wrong?We "talked about people having fun while watching sleeping people".Can it be possible?I mean let's think about starting;When there isn't a thing called Tv.Television invented and then producers don't want to spent money for it and they did truman show,they even broadcast him while he's sleeping.Do people like watching him while he's sleeping,and it continues for years,it continues to other generations and we grown up a culture with people who likes to watch sleeping people?

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    I don't know about later life, but certainly at first I doubt it'd make a difference. When I was younger, I found pretty much everything my parents watched either boring or incomprehensible, so I watched other stuff that I found interesting. If there's nothing interesting, I go and find something else to do. It'd be very hard to make a child find something interesting that doesn't stimulate the mind at all.

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    People do trance behaviours. Good example is the car commute. Autopilot. And we've found that many stick to long, lonely car commutes even with objectively better options... why? I think the trance of watching tail-lights does something for them.

    What would happen if we forcibly remove car commuting from the culture? Would former commuters find a substitute to fill the need?
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