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    I have a theory that inside every human lives a
    twisted personality... And all humans has a need
    to believe something unnatural (How original )

    For example, think the most "unexpected" way to
    start discussion...

    According to my own notices (there is no larger
    research made for this, or atleast I am not aware of it),
    starting a conversation with saying: "I have a theory of Armageddon."
    will cause two (sometimes three) different reactions.

    Reaction 1:
    "Are you mad?" , "Did you remember to take your medicine?"
    Conclusion: They think you have some mental problems...

    Reaction 2:
    "Thats interesting... Can you tell more?" , "I have a theory too,
    wanna hear it?"
    Conclusion: They have pondered it themselves too but
    fears to tell anyone to keep up with the "Sane"-brand.

    Reaction 3:
    "Well, thats nice... but I am bit busy now." , "Erm, You WHAT?"
    Conclusion: They will be ignorant (they have problems to decide
    should they react way 1 or 2, so they decide to be
    as "neutral as possible) or possibly start slowly move
    away from you...

    Most frightening of this was that most of them reacted way 2, then
    there were lots of ignorant fellows, and only a few react way 1...
    (reason to this might be found from the "restricted" amount of

    I also think that most of no.2 were just kidding...

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