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Thread: Ideas for Psychology experiment

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    I am trying to do a Psychology experiment on Operant or Classical Conditioning but i cant come up with anything that hasnt been done before.

    Any Ideas?

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    I'd recommend to commit to a study in which you measure the effects of suggestion upon the unconscious mind, and later measure the effects of conscious experience. You could utilize a few methods in which you suggest something to the unconscious, each method ranging in its way in which it communicates between the unconscious.

    A first could be a simple suggestion spoken in person, and then go back to the individual a month or so later, and question them in relation to the suggestion you had spoken. Perhaps even question them a year later in relation to this, and monitor how it effected them.

    A second could be a number of suggestions, you suggest something to someone once a day for a few weeks, and then see the person a few months or a year later. Again, question them on their experiences in relation to the suggestions you had gave them.

    The third could be using hypnosis, and suggesting something to their unconscious. After, monitor their experiences a few weeks, and then a few months later.

    A forth could be using hypnosis on a daily basis, suggesting the same thing each day for a few weeks, and then later monitoring the effects a few months, or a year later.

    Note: Don't suggest anything negative, only something positive, something that may supplement their desires.

    The results could be interesting and could give us an insight on how suggestion affects our experiences, thoughts and behaviour.

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