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    I don't know if this is the right place to post this but If you like intelligence tests should try:

    It's not a strict IQ test but it has some nice problems to solve.

    You need to complete the demo test to be allowed to register and start the actual test.

    Things you might like:
    - questions with different answers for each user
    - a top with the most intelligent - so answer carefully because you lose points each time you answer incorrectly

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    My IQ was 187 in 1968 in the 4th grade. But I am bipolar
    and score high when manic and score low when depressed.
    I guess I was manic in 68 cause now I feel like my IQ is 50.

    There is something about depression that just sucks the high
    energy intelligence right out of one, as it relates to bipolarity.
    It is called Manic-Depression for a reason. Many bipolar' are
    creative genius like myself. But just because I scored high
    one time as a kid, does not mean that I can still score high
    especially if I am depressed. SO, to be fair, I would have to
    take an IQ test when well balanced between my manias and
    my depressions. And to that I say Good Luck :?

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