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    Just wondering if anyone here has read Ishmael by Daniel Quinn? Or any other books by this author, there are several. I've read Ishmael, Story of B, Beyond Civilization, Tales of Adam, The book of the damned and If they give you lined paper write sideways.

    Daniel Quinn has written many books within the context of an Martian Anthropologist. So he goes, through story telling, and explains the cultural myths we are raised in (and blind too) and shows us what should be but isn't by explaining a brief history of human evolution. Its quite striking and amazing how he does it.

    For those who have not read any of his books, I suggest to try it. All his books are fairly short, I think story of B is the largest of the ones I've read so far. But he has more then the ones I've named which i will eventually read.

    If you have read any of them, how do you take his message?

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