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    Hi, I just joined this forum a minute ago..

    I just want to ask a question about Shooting, strategy video games....and whether or not it could affect us, our behaviour.

    Well, I got a friend who's about my age, 14.
    He's a nice guy. He plays a lot shooting games, like Call of Duty and Counter Strike source.....

    Like over the holidays, he plays these games for like 4-6 hours a day. Not nonstop, but when he starts playing, he plays 2-3 hours nonstop.

    Now, what I noticed is that he's becoming the person who easily gets annoyed, with little things. Obsessive-compulsive personality, you may say.

    Once, he was reading his reports, I fetched some of the reports from his lap, just to see. He pinched me like very hard, with very serious voice, "I'm going to kill you".

    And how exactly should I deal with him?


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    He could have some problems that lead him to play those games... like some people have problems that lead them to drink. :? Vicious cycle.

    Well, being 14-year-old dude is a problem in itself. The testosterone is way beyond what females face when they ovulate. One learns to compensate.

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    Everyone knows you run faster with a knife

    I don't know I used to punch my friends when they beat me at video games.... but I turned out ok................ well I am not in jail.
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    I am so glad i had the experience of running Youth Clubs for several years working with 9 - 19 year olds.

    One of the things i noticed which i found quite amusing was the phases young people go through.

    One of these was young teenage boys and their obsession with death and gore!

    When i ran art workshops for them i could guarantee that given free reign over the pictures they produced the girls would draw flowers or abstracts and loved spending hours coulouring in.

    The boys on the other hand would without fail be drawing war pictures or horrors with massacres, blood gore, heads being severed etc etc!

    I always had to take extra red pens, because without fail I'd have the boys saying "Scuze me miss, my red pens ran out, do you have another?"

    My son (13) loves the shoot em up games and blood and gore. I'm thankful i had the experience of youth clubs in order to know this is pretty normal or else i would be worried!!

    Sometimes he'll come up behind me and put his arm around my neck and say
    "I am going to kill you"
    I laugh about it and say "Not if i kill you first" and the threat becomes a cuddle.

    As long as youngsters have other interests and aren't subjected to nothing but exposure to bloodlust on video games, i wouldn't be worried.

    As long as they have good healthy loving relationships with other people, I wouldn't worry.

    Your friend does seem to be spending a lot of time on these games, perhaps too much than is really healthy.

    In the holidays I allow my son 2 hrs max a day and when there's school no more than 1. Yeah he complains and says most of his mates spend hours, but tuff!
    Absum! has never been bored in her life, but is becoming increasingly bored of the Science Forum! :?

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