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Thread: Summer's solstices

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    On day 20, at 23.59 Universal Time, it begins the summer, the true astronomic summer. Differently from how much we believe, the dates of the equinoxes and the solstices are not fixed at day 21, but they vary because of the precession. The last time that the summer is initiated on day 20 June was on 1896; the last happended on June 22 was on 1975 and it will happen again in 2203,2207,2215,2215 and 2302. If we consider June 19 instead we must wait quite a lot, in 2488, 2492 and 2496. Still more distant on June 24, happened in the 311. The last time on day 23 in 1143.

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    Thats just plain boring :?

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    I thought it interesting.

    Thanks for that Ricci.
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