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Thread: Fundamental construction of the universe(2)

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    1 The universe is life body.All inorganic matters,organic matters,celestial bodies,galaxies and men precisely construct inorganic life body,organic life body or organisms,galaxies life and social life.
    2 There are three kinds of different things in the universe in agreement with the characters of state-varying organization,state-forming organization and control organization.
    There are three kinds of matter such as positive,neutral and negative particle,nonmetals,neutral elements and metals and so on.
    State-varying organization varies in the opposite direction of state-forming organization.For example,attraction and repulsion,oxidation and reduction and so on.
    3 State-varying organization,state-forming organization and control organization couple and are symbiotic.
    4 All matters in the universe can be grouped into three kinds:active,neutral and stable matters which are classified into four seasons' metters.

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