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    I have found WRECKAGE or some form of technology. It seems to be at least two types of vehicles or some kind of transports. There is also mechanical debris scattered around the area. Since the resolution is approx. 50 feet per pixel (No enlargements), These vehicles are large.

    This first image is a 15% enlargement. Area is approx. 35 square miles.
    Yellow arrows point to areas of interest. Black arrow points to a geyser.

    This next image shows objects of interest labeled A thru G.

    Object A, F seems to be leaking fluid on the ground.

    Object G is a spherical structure located on top of object A,F. Note highly reflective surface (High albedo). It seems to be transparent or translucent in
    nature. Its possible this structure is emitting light or energy.

    Object B reminds of some kind of transport. Note shape of this vehicle. look for the three appendages on the left side. Note rectangular opening in the front. At a resolution of 50 feet per pixel (No enlargement), This structure is approx. 1700 feet long and approx. 600 to 700 feet high. This is a major size vehicle....Larger than an aircraft carrier.

    Object C is another type of vehicle. Its length is approx 750 feet. Note that this vehicle or transport can easily fit thru the front opening of object B. In fact, this vehicle seems to originate from object/vehicle B. Note two piece design. There is a smaller flexible front vehicle with an attached larger vehicle in tow.

    Objects D and E are other unidentified debris....Also large in size.

    Other images......

    I am assuming these structures are ruins. If not, The Mars Express has captured a present day operation of some sorts on Mars. A later second image is needed to detect any changes or movement of these vehicles.

    These next images reveal artwork.............Look at the center of this first image.

    These are a collection of faces or art work....especially A and G. Selection A is without question a face or portrait. There is an eye, mouth, hint of nose, chin. Selection G also has a face.

    Enlarged 1.30X.....

    This next image is an area further North (To the right). Yellow arrows point to areas of interest. Black arrow points to a geyser. Look for the technological ruins(?). Look for the faces or profiles.....

    More images.....

    Source image

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    Have you ever used google earth? You know those patches where you can clerly see cars and almost make out people?

    You know those patches where you can barely make out buildings, trees, small hills, or even rivers?

    Well, these pictures that were taken of mare are of worse quality and focused at a much higher altitude than even the worst images on google earth are.
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