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Thread: Nano Sattelite !!

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    Eight nano satellite's with a combine payload of 50 kg were launched recently !! these were developed by countries like Canada, Denmark, Japan, Germany and Netherlands !! Now, my question is that how can these nano satellite's be a great advantage for us in field of communication, and all !!
    Replies will be appreciated. : ) 8)
    Thanks :wink:

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    Do you refer to this?
    I don't think that these were meant to be communication satellites, so I don't know how great of an advantage these might be. It's more like a publicity stunt to commemorate the anniversary of Sputnik's launch.

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    A nano or miniature satellite, by definition is one under 10kg. A few were small, but 11 to 20kg were sent into orbit during the 1990's and a few since under 10kg since about 2002. They have usually been experiments from some school or small government, however with increased miniaturization of technology interest has been growing for practical useage...
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