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Thread: Trouble understanding The Big Bang Theory"

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    Whatever the universe had origonated as colapsed in on itself and caused for a massive expansion, in this expansion, the "center" area of the universe was empty space and the outer sides moved away from each other at about the same rates, redshift was caused by the objects moving away. My teacher mentioned that once the universe expands past a certain point, gravity takes over and it again collapses in on itself. So in this case it is possible for their to be more than one big bang and the universe would be able to sort of "recycle" itself. Can someone explain this to me? About how gravity takes over?

    And I was thinking, mabye there was a super-large amount of energy on the "first" big bang, and it just kept happening over, and over again until enough energy was transformed into matter so that our universe could stabilize as what we know it to be.

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    A few years ago there were two beliefs as to what would occur in the future. Either the gravity from the universe would cause space to collapse back into a singularity or space would keep expanding if the speed of expansion reached the point where gravity was too weak a force to pull it back together.

    They've recently discovered that the speed is too great for the universe to collapse back in on itself due to it's gravity so if your teacher is saying that it will eventually do that he is wrong.

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