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    I was rummaging thru one of my closets yesterday and I found a telescope I had purchased 10-12 years ago, maybe longer. It's a six inch Dobs in practically mint condition, I have a few lenses including a Barlow. I never learned to use the telescope properly. I've kept the top covered so there's minmal dust on the mirrors if any. I took it with me on vacation in Northern Ontario once, managed to see Venus, but never really used it again, except for one time watching a lunar eclipse. Note: You can also see the other side of the lake very well :wink:

    Funny thing is, I live in a great spot for skywatching since there isn't much light pollution. When I bought it I thought I'd really get into it. I poured over astronomy books, purchased the StarryNight software and I memorized the constellations, etc. This scope is fine but it takes a little manhandling to keep the target in sight with the Earth's rotation causing havoc. I paid $600 back then for it new. Not sure if it's worth that much but I'm considering selling it. Trouble is I don't really know if I want to. I think my biggest problem was patience and I really didn't take the time to do it right.

    Someone told me to join the local astronomy club. Is that worthwhile or would I get lost in the lingo? Should I go bigger and better? Or is my poor old Dobs a relic?

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    You can probably find out what it's worth and sell it here if you decide:

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