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Thread: My theory of the Universe

  1. #1 My theory of the Universe 
    Forum Freshman Elando's Avatar
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    Mar 2008
    I've had this idea for some time but have never been able to post it anywhere till I found this site and I've never seen it anywhere before so here it goes...

    I belive that the 'Big Bang' is a infernate and continuous cycle. When the big bang started it pushed matter out from a centeral point at very fast speeds. This matter eventually collided and formed planets and suns and so on. However, as the momentum of the big bang dissapears and the planets and so grind to a hault they will eventually start to get sucked back into the center of the universe.

    Once everything is pulled into the center of the universe (where I belive there is a massive blackhole/wormhole) the entity at the center will consume itself and vanish (bare with me here). Once it vanishes, after some time, another big bang is created. However, this will not spew the same matter and atoms forth as the previous big bang. This is because this new big bang has come from another dimension.

    The previous universe, by consuming itself, will be transported via a wormhole to another dimension where it will then explode upon arrival, thus creating another universe and big bang.

    This event happens simultainiously over an infinate number of dimensions an infinate number of times.

    This theory, while confusing, explains the existance of alternate dimensions and the existance , from beginning to end, of universes.

    Any questions? please post them. I'd be happy to answer them.

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    Time Lord zinjanthropos's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Elando
    I belive that the 'Big Bang' is a infernate and continuous cycle.
    The Infernate Big Bang Cycling Theory. Sounds good to me but I think I've heard it before. Perhaps you could tell us the meaning of infernate. Is that word a combination of infinite and inferno meaning a fire that never gets extinguished. The lexicon of science seems to always be changing, infernately.

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    You seem to be describing the Ekpyrotic universe.
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