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    From what I've read, gravity becomes stronger the closer you get to the centre of the Earth. Then I read that at the exact centre there is no gravity. I'm not sure if at some point there is a sudden change from a strong gravitational field to one of zero. Anyway, I'm sure I've misinterpreted something along the way, but as the centre of the Earth is approached would the mass of the Earth overhead have any affect on time? Also, does time slow down as the centre becomes nearer and if so do miners technically emerge from underground cavities younger than if they'd remained on the surface? Is the centre of the Earth younger than the surface, technically speaking?

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    If you view gravity as the warping of 3D/4D space-time the presence of mass on one side of you will cause your mass and the objects mass to attract along that line. Like this


    Now if you imagine the earth to be perfectly spherical, and you imagine yourself to be a point mass (ie no volume) at the very centre of the earth and you exclude all other gravitational effects (like the rest of the universe), you will be able to imagine that when at the centre there are equal volumes and therefore masses of the earth above, below, left and right of you. Each of these parts pulls you in their direction so you are being pulled equally to the left and to the right, as with up and down. These forces cancel each other out so you are left feeling no net effect of gravity...

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