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Thread: Black Holes

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    i am only in senior school and i and a friend have been thinking of this for ages.
    if so much stuff (meaning everything including light)goes into a black hole should that point in the middle of the hole be extremely dense and therefore explode/implode at somepoint??
    please help this whole black hole thing (not just this idea)is frustrating.[/b]

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    The older science fiction idea, was the Black Hole absorbed matter, that this matter eventually travel through a Worm Hole and matter in some state exited through a White Hole. I guess to form new stars elsewhere in our Universe or another one. I should add, there is a scientific background as well, based on Einsteins General Relativity and can be googled through *Einstein/Rossen Bridge*.

    BH, at least the ones we see the apparent results from, are simply Neutron Stars, which have spent there hydrogen and have implode into a single compressed mass. Most agree they will evaporate over time, into the area they exist in.

    The frustrating aspects, probably come from wild guesses on what all this natural process could lead to. This then from the time required for a BH to form and evaporate, which is thought to be many million to a billion years.
    Science Fiction or Hollywood productions, have also stretched these possibilities.

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    Blackholes for the time being are theroized to be points in space where large amounts of matter has collected ergo no passages to other dimensions sorry
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    Not another dimension...
    Just another place (wormhole)
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    From what i understand Black Holes will eventually radiate all their collected matter back out into the universe againin a process called Hawking radiation I think.

    Yes indeed it is called hawking radiation:
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