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Thread: Solar Activity?

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    I wasnt sure if this should go in astronomy or earth sciences...

    I've heard that increased activity in the sun was causing other planets in the solar system to be getting warmer (therefore would also impact earth)

    Its been said by the same crowd that were denying Global Warming so I'm not sure I can trust them, on the other hand it could be that both GHG and solar activity are playing a part, so my question is..

    Is there serious data supporting the increase warming of other planets?

    Also I came across theses spooky videos

    I realize these videos look like uncle joe quirky pseudo-science , but was nonetheless wondering if there are some elements in these that are plausible or is it fiction? :wink:

    I've heard about polar inversion of the earth, but Im not familiar with solar activity cycles.


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    The main argument opposing *Man Made Global Warming*, concerns cycles which the planet has gone through. What explains the cycles, does seem to be include solar activity, but we have very little historic information to access. Keep in mind, our atmosphere bears the blunt for most solar activity and we do have slightly elliptical orbit around the sun. That is our distance varies from the sun, with no indication this distance makes much a difference. Also, we have some long very cold spells in earths history, but its unlikely the lack of activity was involved. The Sun changes its magnetic field about every 11 years, sun spots or activity increases during this reversal....

    I have seen the stories on Mars, indicating a warming, but warming from what is hard to imagine. Nothing I have seen hints of warming anywhere else.

    Megabrain, was researching this but don't know his results or if he followed up after his illness....

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    Is there serious data supporting the increase warming of other planets?
    There is this data extract from my other post at
    But I can not locate the exact source but in the references cited. Here is the data:

    What is called natural phenomenon,' the current global warming', actually involves a lot of cosmic work at play, which shows you why:
    and dramatic changes are occurring not only on our planet but on every planet in the solar system.

    For example:
    - More activity in the past 65 years than in the previous 1,150 years combined.

    - Polar ice discovered, along with a strong intrinsic magnetic field - surprising for a supposedly dead planet.

    - In less than 30 years, a ‘2500’% increase in auroral brightness as well as substantive global atmospheric changes (a sharp decrease of sulphur-containing gases).
    - The inversion of light and dark spots - the first time ever detected. More oxygen has been seen in the upper atmosphere of Venus.

    Earth's Moon:
    - The generation of a first-stage atmosphere, with a growing natrium atmosphere reaching to 9,000 km in height.
    - It has an increased sodium ion atmosphere according to a Russian scientist.

    Earth: our own home planet ...
    - is experiencing an accelerating magnetic drift(reversal of the magnetic poles), the North Pole having already wandered some 1,100 kilometers out into the Arctic Ocean.
    - We are also witnessing significant variations in Earth's gravity field, climactic changes, increased volcanic and tectonic activity, and other natural catastrophes. Also note this will disrupt many positions of satellites in orbits around earth unless when their positions are changed in respect to the changing earth-influences. Otherwise expect space junk to hurt people on earth.
    - (for an in-depth view of these changes on Earth, see {11, {12}, {13} and Finally read the Revelatorium book also at {14} and you will know EVERYTHING, absolutely everything that happened, is happening and is going to happen {The book makes all I have jotted down, simply a passing comment in the things to come. It speaks for itself}.

    - "Global warming," huge storms, disappearance of polar icecaps,
    - a cloudy growth in the equator area, and
    - an unusual increase of ozone concentration. Its atmosphere has doubled.

    - A more than 200 percent increase in the brightness of surrounding plasma clouds.
    - Doubling of the magnetic field's intensity, large auroral anomalies, and
    - a change in the Jupiter-Io system of currents.

    - 1000% increase in plasma toroidal field.
    - A major decrease in equatorial jet stream velocities in only 20 years, accompanied by a surprising surge of x-rays from the equator.
    - Appearance of Aurora's, with increasing brightness.
    - Bewildering X-rays of solar intensity appear at tetrahedral vertex equatorial zone.
    - Transformation of Saturnian moons, including Titan

    - "Really big, big changes" in brightness,
    - increased global cloud activity (abrupt large-scale growth of magnetosphere activity), and
    - significant shifting of the magnetic poles.

    - A 40% increase in atmospheric brightness and a significant shifting of the magnetic poles.
    - <>drastic changes on its Moon Triton.

    - A 300% increase in atmospheric pressure even as Pluto recedes farther from the Sun.
    - The growth of dark spots.
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    fun is fun until is no fun
    All word is searching for an answer and soon it will get it .
    Our solar system is like our planet it moves around the center of our galaxy .
    Solomon Grundy
    In 1944, this creature rose from the swamp, with tremendous strength and some dormant memories that for example allowed him to speak English, but not knowing what he was, and not remembering Cyrus Gold or his fate. Wandering throughout the swamp, he encountered two escaped criminals, killed them, and took their clothes. When they asked him his name, he simply muttered that he had been born on Monday. Reminded of an old nursery rhyme about a man born on Monday, the thugs named the creature "Solomon Grundy".
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    Quote Originally Posted by SolomonGrundy
    fun is fun until is no fun
    All word is searching for an answer and soon it will get it .
    Our solar system is like our planet it moves around the center of our galaxy .
    Right and changes will happen naturally.
    "If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe". - Carl Sagan
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    I can't help but chuckle to myself with all this panic about humans causing Global Warming. Yet again the human ego accounts itself for cosmic changes.

    We are like fleas on a dog, minor irritations causing the occasional itch!

    One of the expressions that has made me laugh has been about the destruction of our planet caused by humans.

    Rubbish! The Earth will out survive us. Throw in some changes to weather patterns and It is more the case that our planet will destroy us!

    These changes are occuring naturally, they always have and they always will. The problem with humans is we don't like change or unpredictability and because of this very tendancy we are likely to become the next lost civilizations on this planet.
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