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Thread: M0 star support life?

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    Would an M0 star be able to support humans on a nearby planet? In comparison with our sun, the numbers of the star would be: .510 in mass and .626 the radius. The temperature would be 3850 degrees Kelvin. I read an article that said such a star would force the planet to be tidally locked. I found that to be an interesting concept. In attempt to create a planet that could sustain life similar to that of Earth, I worked out a few numbers.

    The AU would be: .28
    Density: 1.46 grams per cubic centimeter
    Radius: 3.8 times greater than that of Earth

    (1.46 / 5.5) * 3.8 = 1.008. The second number being the density of Earth. So, the gravity would be close to that of Earth. Another article I read, said that some scientists believe a large gas planet would be able to support life, as the atmosphere would spread warmth from the front to the darkness.

    Does this sound plausible for a planet to support life similar to Earth?

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    If your hypothetical planet is a gas giant (from the low average density) then while it might support life, would it not be problematic for human life to be sustained there? After all it will not have a well-defined solid surface so all activity would have to be in the nature of 'floating' except that to achieve some sort of neutral bouyancy in such conditions, a human or human-carrying pod or craft would, it seems to me, have to cope with huge atmospheric pressures. Worse, though the 'surface' gravity might be similar to earth's, the greater size of the planet will make escape velocity much greater and the poor humans slowly sinking to the depths, or surviving the forces enough to achieve stability, will still be likely to be trapped by the huge cost of leaving the planet ever...

    Dunno - it's all speculative I s'pose.

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