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Thread: If a matter/anti-matter collision generated the b-bang...?

  1. #1 If a matter/anti-matter collision generated the b-bang...? 
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    ...Then where did all the matter/anti-matter come from? What process was present before the big bang that compelled energy to collect into matter?

    And please, I'm really interested in non-open ended ideas. By open ended ideas, I mean the big bang/big crunch cycle because that would simply generate the same question from above.

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    a reality you have all yet to properly explain
    You already have a fair idea where I am coming from, in regard to time.

    In regard to the big bang, the theory you have had a quick look at basically explains the phemomena we observe of the Universe that "suggests" there was a big bang.......but it doesn't state there was a big bang, only that the red-shift effect can be explained without the "expanding universe" need.

    I have offered a few ideas relevant to the two new dimensions of "time", "before" and "after".........and it would be simple to merely suggest "before" would encompass a BIG BANG, a big explosive reckoning of reality, ultimately, and "after" a "big deflation"........but my theory states both such time paradigms are "false"........that the idea of the "big bang" is a load of "crock".

    Does a theory of everything therefore need to be purely theoretical and only account for the known laws and forces in handling the improbability of fortune telling?

    the www feature below can explain it better.
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