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Thread: If a matter/anti-matter collision generated the b-bang...?

  1. #1 If a matter/anti-matter collision generated the b-bang...? 
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    ...Then where did all the matter/anti-matter come from? What process was present before the big bang that compelled energy to collect into matter?

    And please, I'm really interested in non-open ended ideas. By open ended ideas, I mean the big bang/big crunch cycle because that would simply generate the same question from above.

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    a reality you have all yet to properly explain
    You already have a fair idea where I am coming from, in regard to time.

    In regard to the big bang, the theory you have had a quick look at basically explains the phemomena we observe of the Universe that "suggests" there was a big bang.......but it doesn't state there was a big bang, only that the red-shift effect can be explained without the "expanding universe" need.

    I have offered a few ideas relevant to the two new dimensions of "time", "before" and "after".........and it would be simple to merely suggest "before" would encompass a BIG BANG, a big explosive reckoning of reality, ultimately, and "after" a "big deflation"........but my theory states both such time paradigms are "false"........that the idea of the "big bang" is a load of "crock".

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