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Thread: Can Sirius go supernova?

  1. #1 Can Sirius go supernova? 
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    Just curious about it. Could Sirius go supernova in thousands of years?

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    For a star to undergo a type II supernova (collapse of the star itself), it must be several times the mass of the Sun. Sirius A* is only 2 times the mass of the Sun, and thus not massive enough to produce a supernova.

    * Sirius is a binary system with A being a main sequence star and B being a white dwarf already past its main sequence.

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    Regarding proximity to Earth for a Type II supernova, Slate has an article on it*. While it is a little dated, the physics hasn't changed.

    It appears the closest most likely candidate, Spica, is ca. 260 light years distant.

    Comments regarding the accuracy of this article would be appreciated, as it also relates to any threat to Earth.

    "The closest supernova candidate?"

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