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    ---- Memorizing the witness of two stars rotating each other

    Yu, Dingyu

    One evening, I rambled outside to feel the quiet atmosphere and watched numeral stars twinkling on the sky. Suddenly, I noticed that one star started to move. It moved slowly at the beginning and getting faster. When it moved close to another star the two stars started to go around each other for a half circle. Then, the second star stopped and kept standstill, while the first star that had reached the opposite side continued to move back in its coming direction along the tangent of the circle. It moved with a gradually reducing speed and finally stopped at nearly the original position.

    The distance between the two stars before the first one moved is about the same as the diameter of the moon. It took the first star about five seconds to move through this distance. The movement is believed to be along a straight line and with increasing or decreasing speed. The diameter of the locus circle is about one fifth of that of the moon and it took the two stars about one second to go around the half circle. The movement can be classified as along an exact circle with a constant speed. The returning distance is the same as the reaching distance and the time spent is also the same. The returning direction is just opposite the coming direction and the returning movement is also along a straight line with a reducing speed. It was observed for a quite long time the two stars were never moved after the first one returned to its original position.

    It was about 8 o’clock in the evening Beijing time in December 1965 when this astronomic phenomenon was happen to be observed, but the exact date could not be recalled. The observing place is in the suburb of Changchun, in the northeast of China. The location of the two stars in the sky is described as of 70o above the horizontal in the east. When the two stars moved around they looked to be on the two ends of a rotating diameter of the locus circle that is almost a standard circle. The approaching direction of the first star to the second one is from the north to the south and the returning direction is from the north to the south. Both of approaching and returning movements are along the tangent of the circle. The two stars were not very bright but can be seen with naked eyes (If we define the first class brightness of stars as can be seen when you stare on it while the second class as can be seen when you glance on it but could not found when you stare on it, the two stars should be of the first class brightness). Their brightness was equal and did not change during the process and quite a period of time later.

    Due to the lack of knowledge in the field of astronomy at the time, the author neither recorded the exact time, nor measured the location area. The name of the star system was also not identified. After so long time, the academic value of the observation, which is supposed to be significant, may be lost. It is believed that the two stars are still on the sky and should be seen in the night when it is clear. It just that the author
    is not sure which two they are. However, there must be some traces left if anything happened in the universe. Therefore, we should be optimistic in finding the truces that happened almost 40 years ago if interested people keep observing according to the clue provided here. I always believe that the same phenomenon must happen again no matter how big of the eccentricity and how long of the cycle of this star system movement. It would be wonderful if next appearance of the phenomenon can be predicted and people can witness this wonder of the universe.

    Appendix: Discussion

    As we know that the diameter of the moon is 3480 km and the distance between the earth and the moon is 384000 km. Moreover, we could assume according to their brightness that the distance between the two stars is 300 light-year. Using the principle of similarity (the ratio of the corresponding sides of the two similar triangles are the same) and that light transmits along a straight line, it can be calculated that the diameter of the locus circle, around which the two stars moved, is 0.54 light-year and the line speed of the two stars when they moved around is as 2.7 million times high as the light transmit speed.

    We could further assume that the two stars have the same mass of 1.5 times of the sun’s mass, or 297 thousand billion billion billon kilogram. Using the formula of the Universal Gravitation and the Centrifugal Force, we can calculate that the centrifugal force required for rotation is 3.4 billion billion billion times of the universal gravity. This implies that it is not possible that the centrifugal force is provided by the universal gravity. It is known in present there exist only two types of force in the universe which can act in a long distance: universal gravitation force and the electromagnetic force. Then, the centrifugal force will be the electromagnetic force. In other words, the two stars have positive and negative electric charges and therefore they are attracted each other electronically. If the electric charges in the two stars are supposed to be equal, it can be calculated according to the Kulun’s theorem that 19100 nuclear unity masses must have one electron, such that the electromagnetic force produced can provide enough centrifugal force for the rotation. Or it can be further stated as there exists a redundant proton or electron.

    It is not possible for a normal planet to be stable when it brings so much electric charge. It will explore due to the repel force because this repel force is 3.4 billion billion billion times higher than the universal gravity force. However, it is possible that the two stars are neutron stars and we can imagine that they are two huge nuclei. In nuclei nuclear force is 137 times higher than the electromagnetic force. The nuclear force can maintain the stability of a nuclei so that it can also maintain the stability of the neutron stars.

    About how the electric charges in the nuclear stars are accumulated, especially negative electric charges that are similar to the nuclei with negative charges, this could be arranged by God.

    Besides, the movement and rotation of the two stars are caused by a huge gravitational force. However, these two stars are maintained standstill before they were moved over and after moved away. Where was the force when they were standstill? Is it reduced or disappeared? We could imagine that the force was balanced by an electromagnetic force generated by the electric charges in the other stars through an electromagnetic field around the stars. Furthermore, the changes of the force as well as the changes of the position of each star are determined by the actions of all stars within one star system.

    People believes that the mass of a super black hole, or may be planet with electricity, could be a few billion times higher than that of the sun. However, with the above discovery and analysis I think the mass of a super black hole should be similar to that of the sun, its huge gravitational force must be generated when it has huge electric charges. This force is not the universal gravity but electromagnetic force. Similarly, the dark substance (暗物质 do not know how to translate this word) is possible with electricity and its attraction is mainly electromagnetic force.

    The above is the author’s preliminary analysis. Comments and further analysis are welcome and highly appreciated.

    December 2004

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    Was this before the time of airplanes? We could be talking about a UFO sighting here.

    If the stars are 300 light years out, and appeared to be as far apart as the diameter of the moon when they started moving, they'd probably have had to be traveling faster than light speed in order to do what this guy said they did, which makes that explanation seem unlikely.

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    I think we first need to know what the author was smoking before he made the observation.
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