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    Collided with Milky Way.

    Next up the Andromeda I assume.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ox View Post
    Collided with Milky Way.

    Next up the Andromeda I assume.

    Fascinating story. Some real detective work in the sky!

    And "asteroseismology" is a remarkable approach. Loads of data to be collected to tease out the details.

    Wiki says the LMC is predicted to merge with us in about 2 billion years (1). Did not know it is the fourth largest galaxy in the Local Group.

    Andromeda is predicted to collide with us in 4.5 billion years (2). But that would be a bruiser compared with the LMC.

    And the Triangulum Galaxy—the third-largest and third-brightest galaxy of the Local Group—will participate in the collision event (2). Party time!!

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