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Thread: What are the types of planet?

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    Should i follow this:

    Can't i put the Desert Planet or Lava Planet (under "By Composition") under Carbon Planet? Can't i put Helium Planet or Ice Planet under Gas Planet? I think the list needs to be trimmed down.

    Im making a fiction work about life forms. I've been digging for relative knowledge from time to time. I watched a youtube video about life forms in another planet before. Oxygen is responsible for having a sized organism like dinosaur. Gravity may affect the creature's height. In order to make a realistic fictional creatures, i need to know about the planet first esp the planet type found in goldilocks zone.

    I believe we are carbon-based, right? I heard there's a silicon-based life theorized (like this one explaining: Is there other element-based life other than carbon and silicon?

    Lastly, when im about to tackle about the life form itself, then i need to make my post under Biology section, right?


    Upon gathering more knowledge/info, i stumbled upon this: Its explanation is excellent.

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