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Thread: Magnetic reconnection, flux transfer events and atmospheric currents

  1. #1 Magnetic reconnection, flux transfer events and atmospheric currents 
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    Hello! I'm an amateur researcher. I would like to hear, what can you say about a model, which I've made and which explains the interaction between space weather and circulation of airmasses in the atmosphere. I've tried to base it only on officially approved knowledge, but as I am just an amateur, I would love to hear some professional opinion. Model is based on the laws of magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) and supported by scientific publications. Shortly speaking, orientation of IMF sector determines the direction of current during a process, known as flux transfer event (fte). Flux tubes form along open magnetospheric field lines and create a physical pressure on atmosphere - what affects directly air currents.

    I would like to know, what should I do (or who should I ask), to validate my research and make it more official (for now it's rather a kind of hobby).Here my movie, in which I explain the mechanics of this interaction:

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    Few people will bother watching Youtube videos.
    If you wish to discuss anything please present your data/ case/ whatever here on this forum.

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