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    Hi everyone,

    Sooooo a friend of mine was thinking about "existence", somehow the following 2 questions came up, and he thought it would be a great idea to ask about it here, so the questions are:

    1- Can there be energy in 0 Kelvin?
    2- Can 0 Kelvin exist in the universe?

    If you guys have any possible answers/explanations to those 2 questions, please do share, all answers are appreciated in advance.

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    There is a mass energy equivalence, so the answer to question 1, is yes. (The full answer is more subtle than that, but is beyond me. But the answer remains yes.)

    Since the cosmic background radiation is about 3K, then I do not see how 0K could be achieved.

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    There is a discussion related to your second question here: Absolute Zero Impossible? (the answer is no BTW... look up the third law of thermodynamics Third law of thermodynamics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)
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