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Thread: Which way South on WMAP

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    Which way is the geographic South pole of the earth pointing on WMAP

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    The WMAP maps are oriented such that the plane of the Milky Way runs horizontally across the center of each image.
    WMAP CMB Fluctuations
    The plane of the solar system is tipped by about 63 degrees with respect to the plane of the galaxy.
    Curious About Astronomy: Are the planes of solar systems aligned with the plane of the Galaxy?

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    ~ Harold14370. has provided a excellent link and answer.. At this time of the year the core of our Galaxy is high overhead with the Galaxies full central spar easy to see from any dark sky site.. It is not hard to see the plain of the galaxy. While looking at the Galaxy you might notice the Planets and Moon that all follow the 'ecliptic' or the plain of the Solar system.. You can soon see that 63 deg if you know what you are looking at.. With a little arm waving and pointing out the planets paths, and the link from Harold-- " * Curious About Astronomy: Are the planes of solar systems aligned with the plane of the Galaxy? No. Astronomy is understanding..interpreting..
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