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    I have learned that this was not an explosion but that it was supposed to have been an expansion of spacetime -extremely fast at first and then continuing at a lesser rate.

    I also (think I ) know that nothing is set in stone but that the final outcome is presently considered to be continuing expansion leading to heat death .

    I would like perhaps a little help, in creating a mind's image of the way that the universe is expanding.

    People have described this as the way a sponge cake might expand in the oven with the planets or stars playing the role of sultanas in the dough.

    Have I got it right so far ?

    If so can I go a little bit further and ask if I can visualize these sultanas as decreasing in size proportionate to the dough as the expansion progresses? And the dough ,is that meant to represent spacetime?

    Assuming I have still got this analogy more or less right is there anything that can be added to the picture to add any more detail or is that about as much as can be said in picture form ?

    Indeed am I trying a little too hard to "fill out " the picture seeing as how we may never succeed in forming a "bird's eye" view of the universe?

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    Yes. That's quite correct in fact.

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    Thanks.Well would the difficulty I have in imagine the scenario be down to my poor visualisation (and geometrical ) ability or is it because it is a mathematical or geometrical scenario that is intrinsically difficult for anybody to get their head around?

    Is it actually a good sign if we do struggle to picture it ? Could that be an indication that we have "got" it ?
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