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Thread: Please explain the edge of the Universe

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    I recently read about Michael Berry's calculations of the effects of initial conditions on chaotic systems in a book that I returned to the library so I don't have any references. He calculated that removing a single electron from the far edge of the universe 10^10 light years away is enough to alter the configuration of air molecules in a lung sized closed vessel in only 100 milliseconds. Obviously it would have needed to have been removed 10^10 years ago. What is the far edge of the Universe?

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    the only edges i am aware of is the limit of our observable universe which is probably only a small part of the whole universe.

    Sometimes it is better not knowing than having an answer that may be wrong.
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    It is extremely difficult to observe the edge of the universe because all directions of observation are within the universe. Remember the model of the univers used to explain red shift? The model of the universe on a balloon? Which direction along the surface of the balloon would lead toward the edgeof that universe? There is no direction that is toward the edge of the universe. Except back in time. Since the univers is made of "space time" we can say with some precision that one "edge of the universe" is just before the big bang.
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