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    So, if time is really a thing (specifically a dimension) would lack of time look like no movement? I.E. frozen movement?
    As I'm thinking about this, it makes sense to me that any type of movement that includes a destination could be considered a form of "time travel," whether it's walking or driving or flying a plane. you are moving into the future and depending on the strength of the time machine is how fast you will arrive in it... And even no forward/backward movement would still be representative of time because your heart still beats your lungs still work so that in a sense is still movement.

    The reason I'm thinking along these lines is because if time were a place like the future, that would suggest predestination (actually I don't know how you could get around it) and makes me ask how come our future selves have not come back into the past/present, because obviously the future has this all worked out.

    hopefully this post is more coherent than my last posts on the subject.

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    You need to read up on special relativity - specifically the phenomenon of time dilation.

    As it explains you can't travel into the future but you can travel into other peoples futures but that is only due to the fact that
    [as Einstein explains] depending on your speed, you will age less than the people at your point of origin.
    The sort of science fiction time travel you talk about is ruled out by the fact that a time machine could not travel back to a time before it existed.

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