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Thread: Earth-Like Planets - Kepler Mission

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    With the help of today's technology we are able to search life beyond Earth. According to astronomers there can be billions of earth like planets in Milky Way galaxy. If this is the sistuation for our galaxy by adding the other earth like planets in other galaxies we are reaching to the number of billions of billions planets.

    For this mission Kepler spacecraft has been launched in 2009 by NASA and in its 4 years it succeed to discover many earth like planets in a habitable zone of their solar systems. The nearest of these planets is only 12 light years away from the Earth. Until now Kepler has discovered earth-like planets in Lyra, Draco, Cygnus constellations. Some of these planets are Kepler-32e, Kepler-32f, Kepler-42c, Kepler 42d...totalling nearly 200 confirmed earth like planets.

    It is very exciting to hear such news which clarify that there are billions of earth like planets in other solar systems which are able to support life. Not only in our galaxy but also in Andromeda and other galaxies.

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    Very exciting...the odds there is extraterrestrial life.

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    Many here will be familiar with the Drake equation, which examines the controls on the development of intelligent life in the universe.

    What the Kepler Missions and associated research has done is to show there is no shortage of potentially suitable planets on which life might develop. What it has not done is to provide any insight into whether life might actually develop on these planets. We are still substantially ignorant about the pathway from non-life to life. As I am fond of remarking, it is very dangerous to extrapolate from a sample size of one.

    What is exciting, in my view, is that we still have so much to discover.

    Aside: welcome to the forum to solarsystem and Areej.
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