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Thread: The Next Newton Will Realize the Next Revolution in Science

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    A revolution in science is always rejected by recent scientists in its initial step because this revolution always resist to the knowledge of these recent scientists; however, scientists would accepted this revolution when it explodes all of its power.
    According to Erasmus00 and Qfwfq,, “Einstein did believe that quantum theory was fundamentally flawed. There is a very famous series of letters between Einstein and Bohr on this subject. Also, the EPR "paradox" was issued as a sort of formal challenge (Erasmus00). Specifically, Einstein strongly disagreed with Bohr and the "Copenhagen School" (Born interpretation) and held that the Quantum formalism was valid but that it should be possible to find so-called hidden variables (Qfwfq).” The letters between Einstein and Bohr, which is exchanged in 1920-1923, displayed a prediction of Einstein for the future revolutions in science that recent scientists could not reach anything of his prediction.
    The time of 1920 was the time that Einstein had begun to study for unified field theory, which is a theory that almost scientists rejected it. In his unified field theory, Einstein always wished to know a single secret of the universe that he could not find out until his last life. A single secret of the universe should be detected by the next Newton, who knows how to develop the Newton’s first law is known as the “principle of inertia;” therefore, the next revolution would be realized by a next Newton who would not reject quantum theory and relativity theory, such as these theories rejected classical mechanics.
    The next Newton will use quantum theory and relativity theory as a way to help scientists understand the structure of our universe. Although scientists around the earth can do so far in the future with a lot of theories that they believed, but these scientists should know about a single secret of the universe that all matter must obey it! The next revolution in science will help scientists discover gravitational waves on the earth that these scientists still study for these waves. And then this revolution will help human solve some problems such as disease, weapon and energy that recent scientists can not completely solve.

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    It is true that our theories may not be perfect. But I am not sure that such a revolution can happen again...

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    Actually, the next revolution will probably lead to a weapon more dangerous than the atom bomb we got last time. It could be anything.

    Honestly. Look at the trend. It doesn't get better. It gets worse. The only way it would get better is if our societal values managed to keep pace with our changing technological environment, but so far it seems that science is the faster of the two forms of progress.
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    there will be another revolution some time, but when was the last one? 60 years a go? we've got some time. And I agree, when it happens it'll cause more trouble then it will solve.
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