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Thread: Help bring radio astronomy to the public

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    Hello everyone! I have a plan to bring radio astronomy to the public. I am planning on building a radio telescope that is accessible to everyone, over the internet.
    You can control it, view the readings, point it at a certain point in the sky, and so on.
    Obviously all this happens by a donation system, so that chaos is prevented.
    But anyone who contributes to this cause gets time in exchange to control the telescope.
    I have launched a fundraiser for this, and I hope all of you might help make this a reality, and bring e.t. science and observation to everyone.
    I am posting a link below, and by donating money on that link, you will be able to help bring radio astronomy to the public, and be a part of something big.
    I also have plans on building a huge array of telescopes soon if this one is a success.
    Here's the link : Help bring radio astronomy to the public

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    Check out Kickstarter. See if it's something people even want.

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    kickstarter requires a video, and its for much larger projects than this.
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