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    In bio-regenerative life support systems (BLSS) for use in space, a liquid and gas loop exist to regenerate oxygen and food. For food regeneration (here higher plants production), nutrients are provided through the liquid loop, based on hydroponic mode of cultivation. Usually, in such a hydroponic system, a microbiota develops due to a specific relationship with the plants. In a case like this one, what are generally the organic compounds taken up and excreted by the microbiota?

    For specifics on the system: Poughon et al., 2009; L. Poughon, B. Farges, C.G. Dussap, F. Godia, C. Lasseur; Simulation of the MELiSSA closed loop system as a tool to define its integration strategy; Adv. Space Res., 44 (2009), pp. 13921403

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    I take it this is homework or a project of some sort?

    You need to do more than simply pose the question you're expected to answer. You have to "show your work" up until now.

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    This is for research I'm doing. I am working towards setting up a hypothesis on the components in the nutrient solution from which the higher plants grow. The microbiota interact with the plants and take up and excrete organic compounds. However, as I am not specialized in the metabolic processes generally occurring in microbiota, I cannot say too much about this matter myself. I was therefor wondering if someone who does have the knowledge in this field would be tell me what compounds are generally taken up and excreted by the microbiota. This might not be the kind of forum for these sort of questions though.
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