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Thread: Could this planet support liquid water

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    I made up a planet and am wondering if it can support stable liquid waterstar is a G3V main sequence starPlanets diameter is 0.80 Earths with a mass of 0.50 EarthsPlanets orbit 1.00 au from the star with an eccentricity of 0.05Planets axil tilt is 15 degreesPlanets water/land ratio is 60% water and 40% landPlanets atmosphere is 0.10 bar with a composition of 85% nitrogen, 10% oxygen, 3% Co2, 1% argon and the rest neon, xenon, hydrogen.Planets rotation rate is 24 hoursAverage surface temperature is 53 degrees FPlanets age is 4 billion years old. It is geologically active with a magnetic field.Could the water at this point exist in a stable liquid form?

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    Your keyboard has a shift key.

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    If its your planet, you can make it do anything by adjusting the positions you've calculated, couldn't you?
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    Do a search for "world-builder" and similar: planet-building for science fiction role-playing games.
    They're usually very good on the science and will give you all the details you need.
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