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Thread: Infinite regression of energy, turtles all the way down

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    OK, I have one. Maybe I should say another one. Consider this post to contain the normal disclaimers about it's speculative nature and un-provable content.

    It is the infinite regression of energy; energy free in space, not employed in the content, motion, or radiation of/from matter.

    Energy in space is a concept. It characterizes “energy” as a commodity that can be used to produce matter. It is a commodity that matter returns to in a big bang. Matter is returned to energy within a big crunch before the crunch becomes a big bang. The near infinite heat and pressure of a big crunch breaks all matter down into its smallest component, i.e. the energy that it is composed of.

    Now are you ready for the infinite regression of energy. Hang on; maybe you should put duct tape around your skull so this doesn’t make your head explode. Consider yourself warned.

    In our visible universe, the expanding big bang universe, there is an amount of energy that represents the smallest amount of energy that can have any impact. Any smaller amount of energy could not affect our universe because it would be too tiny. I call that tiniest amount of energy the quantum of energy at our level of order. Anything that energy can to in our universe requires that energy be of this quantum size in order to do it. I have called this quantum of energy the elementary energy particle (EEP).

    The EEP is the smallest amount of energy that can be converted from free energy in space, to become a building block of matter in our expanding big bang universe. Matter is composed of energy that came from the energy density of space one EEP at a time, and those EEPs combine and interact to eventually form protons and neutrons.

    Individual EEPs have a pulsing action and each pulse is composed of an expansion in the size of the EEP followed by a contraction in the size of the EEP. They are tiny perpetual energy machines that are forced out of the energy density of space.

    EEPs can become locked together and pulse within the same space (merged), or they can orbit tightly around each other as they pulse and travel at the speed of light. These types of EEP interactions form the seeds of particles as we know them. Pulsing and vibrating particles can grow as more such particles become attached. As they grow they take on a group vibration. The number of EEPs that can group together into a stable particle depends on their internal structure and group vibration.

    But more on how EEPs are employed to build matter later; now back to the infinite regression of energy before it becomes matter.

    Space is permeated with energy.

    Energy in space is referred to as the energy density of space.

    High energy density space forces EEPs to merge and interact to form particles of matter, but energy in lower energy density space can remain in space indefinitely, pulsing and jostling around as EEPs attempt to form but cannot.

    This lower energy density space is the home of the LEEPs, lower level elementary energy particles.

    I mentioned the quantum of energy based on the EEP, but energy in space exists in much smaller amounts than a quantum (EEP). Below our EEP quantum, there are quanta at an order of magnitude smaller than our EEP.

    I define the universe as a "level of order" marked off by the limits of the energy quanta on that level. There are an infinite number of levels of order, of which our universe is one.

    The energy quanta on our level of order are the elementary energy wave/particles (EEPs). EEPs are considered the smallest building block on this level of order, i.e. in our universe, and like the quanta at each level, EEPs are self contained perpetual energy machines.

    The energy quanta on the next lower universal level of order are the “lower-order elementary energy wave/particles” (LEEPs). At the universal level of order below that is the “sub lower-order elementary energy wave/particle” (SLEEPs).

    Starting with the level of order below our universe, LEEPs compress due to their own extreme density until their own little compressed parts (SLEEPs) are squeezed together very tightly. The SLEEPs get compression locked in the core of the LEEP and quickly build up potential energy until they can’t be contained by the pressure and they burst out of the compression, ending the collapse of the LEEP, and sending it into its own expansion. The LEEP will expand again until its own extreme density takes back over and starts to compress the SLEEPs again, marking the end of the expansion of the LEEP and defining one complete LEEP pulse. I conclude that the same process goes on at the lower SLEEP level of order and at the higher EEP level of order which is our own universal level.

    Our bang-crunch cycle defines the energy quanta at the next higher level of order above us, the HEEP level. I can’t be saying this with a straight face, or can I? :| .

    But back on the LEEP level (the level below ours), as the LEEP bursts and expands it sends its SLEEPs which were just freed from compression lock, out into the surrounding SLEEP universe which is then permeated with free SLEEPs. The free SLEEPs quickly recombine and collapse again, fueling the LEEP universe with repetitive crunch/bang action. The free SLEEPs are the energy quanta of the SLEEP universe just like the free LEEPs are the energy quanta at the level below us and the EEPs are the energy quanta at our level.

    There is a reason for referring to the permeated space of the SLEEP level after the SLEEPs burst out of compression lock. The reason for referring to space permeated with SLEEPs at that level, two levels removed for our EEP level, is because space itself contains energy of every level of order, and the space of any level of order is permeated at a much finer level by the energy quanta of the lower levels of order. No place can be empty space. The concept of empty space in between elementary particles at any level of order is mistaken. All space is permeated with energy quanta from an infinite regression of levels of order.

    You see, the EEP is a simple concept.

    At our universal level of order we can say that EEPs have always existed and are indestructible. We can ignore the lower levels of order because their quanta work exactly like our quanta and our quanta is made up of an infinite regression of levels of order.

    When we say space is permeated with EEPs, we mean that space is permeated with energy in such fineness that it can be considered a continuum of energy. The EEP is the quantum that can describe everything about our level because it is the smallest meaningful common denominator of matter at our level.

    Our universe is made of EEPs that have always existed. The universe has always existed. The universe is infinite and contains infinite energy. Our observable big bang universe is one quantum of the HEEP level, the turtle above us. The HEEP level is filled infinitely with HEEPs, and our expanding big bang is one phase of one quantum in the universal level above us. We never have to speak of the universal level above us because is works just like our level works, and we have plenty to do to define how our level works.

    Matter is composed of energy. Matter is composed of EEPs and EEPs are energy.

    The speed of light at our level fits the quanta at our level. EEPs are in constant movement at the speed of light. The path that an EEP takes can vary from a tight orbit around another EEP, or a curved path influenced by the curvature of space through which it passes.

    If your head hasn't exploded yet, I have just defined the energy field at our level of order.

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    Protest removed, apology accepted, if you delete your final post I will then delete this one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Megabrain
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    The offending post has been edited.

    I'm sorry for not asking permission before I used a post of yours from another thread.
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