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Thread: If Earth had a 45 degree tilt?

  1. #1 If Earth had a 45 degree tilt? 
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    Lets say Earth was tilted 45 degrees on its axis. Would there be 2 circulation cells instead of 3 because the temperate zone would be non existant or would there still be 3 but just redistributed across the planet?

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    If Earth had a 45 degree tilt, we wouldn't be here!

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    I really don't have any knowledge on this subject. But, wouldn't the temperate zone form just in a different location?
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    Just think for a minute. If the earth were at a 45 degree tilt, would we have six dark months at the poles?

    If not, one of the biggest drivers of our climate would disappear and the biological ecosystems that depend on it simply wouldn't exist in any recognisable form.
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