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Thread: Divine Space - first big game with 'real' universe

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    Hello everyone!

    My name is Anti A. Danilevski, I'm a producer at Dodo Games, and game that we are developing is named 'Divine Space'. Glad to meet you all!

    Game idea

    The action of our game takes place in a universeresembling our real world as much as possible: stars are located justwhere they actually are. We had to spend several months developingactual astronomical data and building a universe based on them. Our game is educational - we are teaching players (this is my personal mission) and players won't even notice that. I want to make this world better, I want the players to learn more about our universe unobtrusive and pleasant way.

    There is screenshot from our game - it's full 3D map.

    Our problem
    Publishers aren't interested in that, so we have to develop game by self. We invested a good sum already (really, more than hundred of thoustands $), but that's not enough for a game that we want to make - scientific, educational, beneficial. To finish development, we went to Kickstarter.

    Currently, we have our campaign is going on, more or less successful - but not enough to reach our goal.

    This is why I'm here - to ask for support and backing. If you will help us and we will success, there will be a game in hard sci-fi genre, based on real world researches and technologies.

    To make decision if our game is worth your time and support, if it's of the good quality - please check this Early Alpha Gameplay Video

    To join our crew and help us with our challenge, please come here: Divine Space on Kickstarter

    With best regards,
    Anti A. Danilevski

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